5 Tips for Maintaining Shingle Roofs

Your roof and its covering is on of the most essential components of a home yet, most of us do not ever look at or maintain it on a regular basis. 

Here are five easy repair tasks that, according to LGC roofing blog, can prevent premature aging and decay of your roofs shingles:

  1. Make regular inspections. Inspect and clean, and repair your skylights as needed. Look at the flashing attached to your chimney; make sure it doesn’t appear to be deteriorating. Also, take a moment to examine your vents and see if they’re blocked or working properly. Remember to inspect both your roof and your attic ceilings (and any other ceilings in direct contact with your roof) for signs of exterior or interior damage, mold, wear, leaks, rot or structural problems. If you find any, repair them right away; the longer you leave them, the more expensive the fixes will become.
  2. Replace worn shingles promptly. If your shingles wear out or fall off, your naked roof is exposed to wind, sleet, snow, hail and rain, which will eventually cause it to rot or leak – and that will be an even more expensive fix.
  3. Apply a liquid polymer coating. These coatings can help stave off water and weather damage and keep your shingles looking newer for longer. They are widely available through home improvement retailers, and can be applied in just a few hours. These coatings work best when used on new shingle roofs.
  4. Cut overhanging branches. If you have tall trees around your house, prevent roof damage by trimming back branches that are hanging over your home. Consult local guidelines to see if you are allowed to cut branches that hang over your roof even if the tree is located on a neighboring property.
  5. Be vigilant about your gutters. Leaves and debris in your gutters can prevent rainwater from properly draining through your downspouts, which in turn can cause damage to both your shingles and your roof. It’s recommended that you clean your gutters at least twice annually—in spring and fall.