Landscaping and Drainage

We have all seen the house who's owner decided to let the ivy creep all over the exterior of their home and take over like a cozy cottage in the the forest right?  While the look can be appealing, it may be more damaging then you think.  

allowing plants and foliage to gather or grow near your property comes with a list of problems.  

Plants near the foundation will promote water retention near the foundation which is counter productive to the grading and drainage of your property that all slope away from the foundation. 

Plants being too close to your exterior cladding can cause damage or shorten the life expectancy of your coverings. In addition when trees or larger plants get bigger they can also start to damage roof coverings and/or eves in the wind or become passage ways for rodents and animals to gain access to areas you don't want them to be.  Some plants or shrubs will make great areas for pest or rodents to nest as well.

Large trees also have large root structures which can life dirt and concrete, destroying pathways and driveways or worse move foundations and creep into plumbing. 

Don't get me wrong, I love the trees and plants and have plenty of them around my property for shade, appeal and even consumption but, I keep up on trimming them and keep a separation of the plants from the dwelling.  We recommend a separation of 6 Ft. min. as a general guide however,  some properties have longer eve areas and some plants may need more distance then that to fully mature. 

So, while that ivy can be aesthetically pleasing, At what cost to you and your property?  

Good luck and happy home ownership.