3 Tips for Choosing The Right Home Inspector

It would be an understatement, to say that there is no shortage of home inspectors to choose from. To make matters even worse, the state of California does not regulate or require licensing for property inspections. Now, whether or not that is a good or bad thing for the home buyer is a double edged sword and a whole different blog to be saved for a later date. That being said, how on earth do you choose from one to another. If you call an inspector and ask they a certainly not going to say… “well, I’m not very good at inspections but, I can take your money anyway” or “I’ll be done in a jiffy I save you a lot of time by not getting on roofs, in attics, or crawl spaces” LOL. How do you know what your really gonna get and if its worth your money in the end.

Don’t sell yourself short. Your Investment is worth a complete, thorough Inspections by a company you can trust. At Next Generation Property Inspections we put together a few videos to hell you decide.